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Gloss Meters

At NUNES Instruments you will find highly accurate digital gloss meters. Colour and gloss are two different and important parameters to determine the surface conditions and characteristics of the piece that lies in front of you and has to be measured. To ensure a homogeneous impression of a product that consists out of several components, the knowledge of the gloss value of each part is very relevant. Product examples are found for example in the automotive industry, where the components of the vehicle interior are manufactured in different stages of production and then are joined. In the end-product, with respect to their visual appearance, no difference between the individual components should be visible. To achieve this, the use of gloss meter is indispensable. These gloss meters measure colour and gloss to determine the surface characteristics of materials or components. They are easy to use, compact and are solidly built. Gloss meters are specially designed to take measurements on the spot or by professionals on the job and are highly valued by workers in technical services that must take test measurements offsite. These gloss meters can be used on different surfaces, may they be smooth, treated or untreated such as stone, wood, laminates, floors, etc. Principles of measurement of a gloss meter (IG series): Gloss is determined by measuring the reflection of light on a particular surface. This measurement takes the intensity of light reflected from a specific point onto a specimen surface into consideration. According to this, the surface gloss reading of glass with the previously calculated coefficient of 1,567 must indicate the value relative to 100. A plate of black glass is used as the reference surface for calibration with a value of 90 for a measurement of 60° and 84 for a measurement of 20°. If you can't find the gloss meters you are looking for, please contact us and we will help you find the best solution to suit your needs by calling our offices on: 09020607000.

Digital Colorimeter

Digital Colorimeter

Item Code: HP-2132

Our organization is offering patrons a superior quality Digital Colorimeter that can be connected with computer and is widely applicable for quality control of printing and plastic industries. These colorimeters are fabricated as per the set industry standards at our vendor's end. Offered product is highly reliable in performance and thus is widely appreciated in market.




  • Easy operation make you use it easily

  • Widely applied to quality control of plastic and printing industries.

  • Display directly color difference by ΔE*ab, ΔL*a*b, CIE_L*a*b, CIE_L*c*h

  • Standards deviation within Eab0.2 (test condition: choose average: values by 12 pcs white tabula)




  • Test accuracy Within 0.2 ΔE*ab

  • Display ΔE*ab, CIE_lab, ΔLab, CIE_Lch

  • Test swipe: L:0-100 a:-128--127 b: 128127

  • Test time: About 3 seconds

  • Test interval: 2 seconds Test aperture: 8 nm

  • Automatic shutdown after 5 minutes waiting

  • Light source: C light source

  • Sensor Correct silicon photo-diode arrays

  • Power: DC/5 V (1.5 A), 2 PCS 1.5 V (AAA) batteries

  • Size: 171 * 50 * 48.8 mm

  • Weight 203.6 g (Exclusive battery)

  • Operated temperature scoop 040 (32-104° f); lower than 85% relative humidity

  • Standard accessories 1 pc manual/soft bag/9 V battery/5 V extent power supply/USB connection cable/CD

  • Application measure any color of smooth surface


CIE color space coordinate chart :

  • Eab= [ (ΔL*)2 + (Δa*)2+(Δb*) 2]1/2
  • L= Lsample Lstandard (lightness difference)
  • a= asample astandard (red /green difference)
  • b= bsample bstandard (yellow / blue difference)


Working Theory :


Compare the color difference between sample and the measured subject .Then output CIE_Lab 3 groups data,and the 4 groups of E, L, a, b data after comparision.


  • E stands for the total color difference
  • L + stands for partial white , L stands for partial black (comparing with prototype)
  • a + stands for partial red , a stands for partial green (comparing with prototype)
  • b + stands for partial yellow , b stands for partial blue (comparing with prototype)

Digital Gloss Meter

Digital Gloss Meter
Approx. Rs 49,500 / Piece(s)
The Digital Gloss Meter is complete according with state standard GB9754-88,GB9966.5 and international standard ISO2813, all items of the performance is reaching to the state JJG696-2002 (Lens Luster Degree Instrument Measure Test Regulations) the first class work requirements.


  • Product Name: 20º, 60º, 85º Gloss Meter
  • The Glossmeter is complete according with state standard GB9754-88, GB9966.5 and international standard ISO2813, all items of the performance is reaching to the state JJG696-2002 (Lens Luster Degree Instrument Measure Test Regulations) the first class work requirements

Features :

  • The surface luster measure for printing ink, oil paint, bake lacquer, coat, woodwork and others
  • The surface luster measure for construction decoration materials: Marble; granite; glass chemical polishing brick, pottery brick
  • The surface luster measure for plastic, sheet
  • The surface luster measure for other non-metal materials

Projecting angle 20º, 60º, 85º
Measure range 0~200 Gu
Measure range <±0.4 Gu/30 min
Value error <±1.2 Gu
Power DC 1.5 V × 1
Environment temperature  0º C~40° C
Relative humidity <&=85%
Dimension 145 × 80 × 38 mm

Microprocessor pH Meter

Microprocessor pH Meter

  • pH Range: 0.00~14.00 pH
  • Resolution: 0.01 pH



  • Auto-Buffer Recognition: In calibration, the meter will display ERROR if you use pH standard solution by mistake or not by the calibration prompt
  • Viewing of Electrode Slope: After calibration, the meter will indicate electrode slope, you can judge by the indicator to replace electrode or not
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation: With temperature sensor, which can measure temperature of solution and can automatic temperature compensation
  • Keypad and Electrode Holder: The meter with waterproof panel. The user can not worry for the sample solution splashing over the meter. The electrode holder can be used conveniently
  • Two Points Push-Button Calibration: With two points calibration function, it will prompt pH calibration solution when you calibrate the meter. You need only immerse the pH electrode into standard solution and press ENTER key, then the meter will be calibrated automatically

Portable PH Meter

Portable PH Meter
Approx. Rs 3,500 / Piece(s)

Item Code: PHB


  • Automatic calibration: Have 2-point Button with the auto-calibration.When calibration, the screen have standard buffer solution tips .Just put electric sensor into the solution and press "Cal" button ,the meter will be calibrated automatically
  • Data Hold: When testing ,in order to read the results easily ,should keep the data for some time.Just put the "power"button,the meter will retain measuring data
  • Detachable electrode: You can change the electrode very quickly
  • Auto power off: Have auto power off function. If the meter idle for a long time, it will be auto-power off
  • Water resistant: Have good water resistant, each connection point of the meter have water resistant.Can put the meter into water and continue to test


Model PHB-5    PHB-6
Ph range 0.0~14.0 Ph 0.0~14.0 Ph
Ph accuracy ± 0.2 Ph 0.1 Ph
Resolution 0.1 Ph 0.1 Ph
Calibration point 2 points, NIST standard buffer solution, Ph 4.00, Ph 9.18
Power 1.5V X 4      1.5 V X 4
Size  180 mm X Diameter 30 mm 80 mm X Diameter 30 mm
Weight 0.2 kg    0.2 kg   

Flame Photometer

Flame Photometer


  • The flame photometer is an instrument to measure the intensity of this light spectrum to determine the concentration of the measured element
  • The flame photometer has the advantage of fast analysis and high sensitivity with little sample consumption. For these reasons, it has been extensively employed in such fields as clinical examination, fertilizer and soil analysis, as well as chemical industry
  • The flame photometer itself cannot indicate directly the element concentration. First, prepare a standard solution, measure it, and record the results as the standard curve line. Then, measure the unknown solution, read the indication from the photometer, and find the corresponding intensity from the ready standard line
  • With a simplified air pipeline system and digital-faced circuit, it is easier to operate and to read the result.FP-640 is also applicable to agricultural and industrial measurement of K and Na, and analysis of Li consumption by the psychological patients




  • Electricity supplier: Photocell
  • Prismatic Measure: Interfering filter
  • Indication: Double-channel digital indication
  • Sensitivity: In clinical measurement
  • K: 0.0-9.9 mmol/L
  • Na: 0-199 mmol/L
  • Repeatability: Cv ≤ 2%
  • Linear Disparity:  ≤ 5% when K varies from 0.02 to 0.06 mmol/L and Na varies from 1.00 to 1.80 mmol/L
  • Criteria for Normal Usage
  • Temperature: 10~35
  • Prismatic Measure: ≤ 80%
  • The instrument should be laid flat, and kept away from the sunlight, EMI or oscillation
  • Fire extinguisher should be equipped, and good ventilation is needed
  • Electric Power Voltage: 220 ± 22 V; frequency: 50 ± 0.5 Hz; It should be well grounded

Electrophoresis Gel Tank

Electrophoresis Gel Tank

Item Code: JY-600C



  • Store ten common methods
  • Automatic memory
  • Automatically switch off
  • Protect when over load and no load 
  • Store ten common methods 
  • Automatic memory 
  • Automatically switch off


  • Output range: 10~600 V/1~500 mA/1~300 W
  • Output type: Constant Voltage Constant Current Constant Power
  • Resolution: Voltage 1 V, Current 1 mA, Power 1 W
  • Timer Range: 1 m~99 h 59 s
  • Display: LCD (128 × 64 pixel )
  • Control: Intellectual control with microprocessor
  • Dimension (L × W × H): 27 × 26 × 12 cm
  • Weight: 6.8 Kg


JY600C applies for such electrophoresis as Horizontal electrophoresis of one power supply, several cells, Vertical electrophoresis of High-throughput and several boards, SDS-PAGE, Cellulose Acetate Membrane electrophoresis, preparative PAGE, IEF, Print Transfer.

Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer

Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer

  • Uses sparkle diffraction grating monochromator, the wave length precision, monochromatic good, the mixed astigmatism is low and so on
  • Can the automatic change tungsten halogen lamp and the deuterium lamp
  • Use three No LED digital, T.A.C Read action
  • Has the analog recorder connection, can make the kinetic energy response test
  • The sample room can hold 0.5 - 5 cm the ratio color dish


  • Wavelength range: 200- 800 nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy: ±2 nm
  • Wavelength Repeat: 0.5 nm
  • Transmittance Accuracy: ±0.5
  • Transmittance Repeat: 0.5
  • T-A Change Accuracy: ±0.004 A
  • Spectrum band width: 6 nm
  • Mixed light: 0.5
  • Stability: 0.5 within 3 min

Gauss Meter

Gauss Meter
Approx. Rs 19,500 / Piece(s)

Item Code: SRD-750A

Hand Held instrument for measurement of d. c. magnetic fields is using Hall Probes. It has two ranges 20 K Gauss. A built in calibration facility ensures quick check of calibration. All the controls are mounted on the front panel and are clearly designed. An attractive plastic cabinet with carrying cum tilt bracket takes make the instrument light in weight and portable. LED display gives direct reading with 1 Gauss resolution on the 2k range and 10 Gauss resolution on the 20 K range. The unit is supplied with a Calibrated transverse Hall Probe of 50 mm x 1.5mm with the actual sensing area of 1 from the tip.


The control unit consists of a constant generator, an amplifier and seven segment LED display. A constant current is made to pass through the Hall probe, which when place in a magnetic field produces a voltage proportional to the magnetic filed. This voltage is amplifier circuit and output is read on a digital panel
meter calibrated in kilo gauss.




General purpose instrument for accurate flux density measurement on magnetic and electromagnetic components such as relays, dc motors, magnets, loudspeakers, etc. Very useful for on line production testing.

    Other Information

    • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece(s)


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